Monday, March 29, 2010

Asa's 10 month update

Not only do I not update the blog on a regular basis, I've been very bad about writing Asa's milestones down. So sad! I'm sorry second child!!! But what a lot he has accomplished thus far. I have decided to finally sit down and write out all the new and exciting things he has bear with me this is a little for my own memories and the fact that I have to fill in his baby book : )

Jordan Asa is just under 20 lbs, something like 28 inches, the proud owner of 8 teeth (more coming in!), mostly wears 12-18 month clothes

Asa is a bit picky, but he loves blueberries, blueberry pancakes, blueberry waffles, blueberry muffins...and pizza!

(Um, yeah, he sort of favors junk food, anything fatty and sweet over healthy stuff. When the baby is in utero, it is said that the baby and taste what the mom tastes, hence why babies in India do fine when there mothers eat curry and breast feed and then the babies at a young age eat curry themselves....guess what I ate! Yeah, with his pregnancy healthy food often made me nauseous. Terrible, I know. )

Motor skills:
Asa can pinch objects and shift them from one hand to the other and all of that, but his real love is to find everything he is not suppose to be playing with and examine it in great detail, especially if it has small parts and is electronic. He is a climber and will climb up the stairs if I let him. He has graduated from his one armed army crawl to a real crawl now. He pulls himself up on practically everything now, but also loves to crawl under things, which often leads to him getting stuck. He is getting much more coordinated now and it won't be much longer before he walks! He is trying to stand up from sitting position...he stands on his feet with his hands still touching the ground...a little scary, but so cute.

Verbal skills:
Asa has grown in leaps and bounds in his verbal skills in just the last couple weeks. His first word was ball (which was Ava's as well). He will push a ball across our tile and crawl after in, then repeat the process until he runs out of tile. He is SO PROUD of being able to say dog and he absolutely loves my sister's dog, Sophie, they were cuddling! The day after he first learned to say dog, he woke up in his crib that morning chanting, "dog, dog, dog...." (though the 'g' is a little hard to hear) and boy does he know what he is talking about. Poor kid has a mom whose allergic to dogs, so he is going to grow up with "his dog" living at his aunts house. He still doesn't say mama! but he is starting to say Ava, "A-ba" But he smiles and laughs every time I tell him to say 'mama', so that makes me happy. I am working on the signs for more, milk (he said 'milk' once), and all done. He kind of has 'all done', but mostly he just shrieks like a pterodactyl when he wants something. He seriously shrieks. But we call it 'squeaks'.
Anyways, he now can say (and associates it with the objects): ball, baba, dog, balloon (or his version of it), Ava, Papa (my dad)... I don't know if I'm forgetting any of them or not translating any of them correctly yet. He tries to say all done, but hasn't quite got it down yet. It's so cute and such an exciting stage! He is very good at practicing what he is trying to say and then becomes very proud of himself when he pronounces it well. wow. should I be scared?. Man, what are the chances of me ending up with 2 talkers!?! Just kidding. uh, I don't think he will talk as much as Ava. Am I jinksing myself? Actually I think he might.

Bed time: Asa loves when I lay him down in his crib for that brief moment when I lay him down and rub his head, he is smiling so big...until I leave. Then not such a fan for a minute or two. His favorite thing to have with him is a small board book, which he basically wrestles with his hands and feet and the looks at it. Strange I know. He will throw his little blankie or a stuffed animal out of the crib, though he absolutely loves Ava's Woody doll, I don't think she would share.

Ava & Asa
They are so adorable playing with each other. Asa LOVES his big sister. Ava usually LOVES her big brother, though she usually has a plan she wants to follow through with so hopefully Asa is on board in her eyes. Their favorite time of day has to be before bed when we play in there room. They are always so happy, while Asa tackles his sister with cuddles...or just to get the toy on the other side of her. While Asa usually tries to run when I start reading a book...he's not one to stay still...he literally crawls away fast, he does love cuddling or climbing his sister while I read.

Squeakers McSqueakington from Squeakersville
Asa Basa
Asa Bear
flying Ace
there are more, but I can't remember them right now

Random Asa things:
favorite places: in front of the window, in his room, hanging upside down!!!
favorite mischievous things to do: trying to sneak and eat the dirt and leaves off of our house plants, try to play the DVDs in the electronic cabinet thing, and play with my cell phone
favorite thing to do: snuggle for short periods of time, climb, play with Sophie the dog
there are more things I will add here later
his schedule: taking 2 naps a day, wakes up about 7:30, though has his moments of sleeping in! which is wonderful! well, especially when both kids to that!

Jordan Asa melts my heart. He just steals your heart with his smile as he reaches out to cuddle with you, cuddling his head against yours. It makes you so happy how happy he gets when he greets you. Its so amazing to watch him grow. I can't imagine that one day he will be towering over me. crazy. Uh, he is going to be a heart breaker. It's so sweet how much he loves his sister, and aunt Rachel, and nanny...I mean, cousin, Sarah, and to see him and his cousin, Isaiah, now playing and starting their great adventures.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

there's a snake in my boot!

I know its March...but while making an updated post for Asa, I found that I had this post in my drafts from October! here it is...

Going with Ava's obsession, the kiddos dressed up like characters from Toy Story for Halloween. The Toy Story obsession...Ok by me! I think its so cute...I like Toy Story 2 better (its great having kids, watching kids movies without being weird and all) Ava was Jesse- the cowgirl from Toy Story 2 and Asa was Woody...seem true to their personalities as well. This was quite nice because Ava has continue to pretend she is 'Cowboy Ava' on a daily basis, so we had some cowboy stuff...she is on her third or fourth cowboy hat now because she plays with them everyday!

We started off at a little festival at Trader Joe's in the morning. Ava adored the petting zoo and was equally fascinated with a little pony she got to have painted on her hand (the whole face painting thing was a bit to much for her taste it seems). She stayed in the petting zoo area until it was closed. There was a rather tall lama there...well, I guess they are all tall, but Ava asked the worker, "Hi, I'm a cowboy, so can I ride him!?" It was adorable! um...but she didn't get too.... Later, while Asa spent some time with his cousins, we went to Ava's 1st movie! Toy Story 2 3-D! Now let me tell you, if it is possible to take a child to a movie they already know and love for their first movie experience...its a must. What child doesn't love watching their fav movie over and over...let along on the big screen with super cool glasses! Hello...genius. We had a blast! even if it was the hundredth time we've watch that least its a good one.

That night Ava went trick or treating with her cousins, while the cousins collected cans for charity (but people still gave the kids candy too).

Her uncle Matt love Toy Story equally as much and now has pasted on his beloved Woody doll to her (which she has inscribed her name on the bottom of his to the other boot with Matt's name). I'm not sure how Uncle Matt is going to sleep with out Woody at night, but he is well loved in our house hold...Asa looks at Woody in amazement and loves to play with his as well. He already knows that his sister's stuff is cool and wants to join in the fun.

Update: Ava LOVES Woody and can't sleep without him. In fact if we are away from the house a lot during the day and she doesn't bring Woody, she says in such a forlorn voice, "I miss Woody" Is so sad and so cute! I have hunted for woody several times at night as she can't sleep without him!