Friday, June 10, 2011

The Big Two!

So...little always, but Asa turned 2 on May 18th! And he has certainly grown into his whole two years of age, going from the struggle of realizing his new independence to FULLY embarrassing it! On the morning of his birthday, I found him drinking from the almond milk carton in the living room, all smiles, saying, "mmm. mmm!" What a way to start off his two year old year. There seems to be something funny and terrible everyday, being covered in paint or making the bathroom sink overflow, finding all kinds of new things to climb, oh I missing funny one's I know it!!!  the list goes on...and I watch the boy constantly!..well, except the the occasional bathroom break and coffee refill...

His birthday was so fun and totally unplanned...sorry...but don't tell him, he did not notice at all! my mother and father-in-law drove up from Charleston to help us finish moving in and have a bbq at Wheeling park with my sis, nephews, and niece. Asa LOVED the Schrader Environmental center at the park...and its free! He loved the puppet stage and coloring and all the buttons to explore in the kids room, but he ADORED the snakes and creepy crawly things! I didn't even know of his love for reptiles!!! ..uh, or they amphibians or something. You'd have to ask my daughter. We finished off with cake. always a favorite of my sweet-toothed son.
Happy Birthday Asa!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Asa: 1st year in review...sniff...

Happy...uh...late, late 2nd birthday Asa!!!...since I can't find my camera (though I do have birthday pictures on my sister's camera) here are some pictures of Asa's first year! Nothing like a child's birthday to make you get all teary-eyed! Second year coming soon!!!