Friday, November 27, 2009

an emotional number...

I put on some classical music for the kiddos at nighttime since they both seemed wide eyed and bushy-tailed. After they were tucked in, Ava started yelling for me...keeping Asa up, poor guy. Anyways, when I whet into her room, Ava remarked, "Mommy, this music is very good. It about emotions. Some songs are happy and some are sad. But right now I'm singing about presents".

Thursday, November 5, 2009

sweet and sassy...

ok, really I don't have a lot to post here...I just wanted to show off some cute pics of Ava!


ok, hm...what's been going on around here...

-loves to drool

-loves to rolls around everywhere
-loves applesauce, but hates green beans (who wouldn't- puree that is)
-loves to talk...or shriek when he wants something
-loves to flirt
-loves to "fly"
-love to suck his thumb when he sleeps
-loves "playing" with Ava and finds her fascinating
-love being home and routine

-loves to learn new words...has a bigger vocab than me!
-love Toy Story
-not loving naps right now...tries to find excuses
-loves testing us right now
-loves to do things...anything...
-loves to do "cowboy jumps" and "space jumps" inspired by Toy Story

-loves to continue to be cowboy Ava
-loves drawing on her magnadoodle
-loves us taking pictures of her
-loves to brush her teeth with her eclectic toothbrush
-loves to pretend all day
-does not like to be called anything but nicknames allowed