Thursday, November 5, 2009


ok, hm...what's been going on around here...

-loves to drool

-loves to rolls around everywhere
-loves applesauce, but hates green beans (who wouldn't- puree that is)
-loves to talk...or shriek when he wants something
-loves to flirt
-loves to "fly"
-love to suck his thumb when he sleeps
-loves "playing" with Ava and finds her fascinating
-love being home and routine

-loves to learn new words...has a bigger vocab than me!
-love Toy Story
-not loving naps right now...tries to find excuses
-loves testing us right now
-loves to do things...anything...
-loves to do "cowboy jumps" and "space jumps" inspired by Toy Story

-loves to continue to be cowboy Ava
-loves drawing on her magnadoodle
-loves us taking pictures of her
-loves to brush her teeth with her eclectic toothbrush
-loves to pretend all day
-does not like to be called anything but nicknames allowed

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