Tuesday, January 30, 2007

giggles, wiggles, and greanbean gotees...

So long are the days of running grocery store or anywhere else for that matter. Everything is an adventure, just some times a slow one. But we did trade in those easier, not so sleep deprived days for something much cuter. Ava! Ave is 5 months old now as of Jan 27th. She is now eating some baby food. Her favorite happens to be green beans. She lunges at the spoon. Kind of scary. Who knew we would get so excited about grean bean gotees...well, maybe our parents. She sits up a little, rolls over a little, and smiles and laughs a lot...except for those craby days. Nothing makes us happier than when she laughs so hard when we're playing the kissing monster game. It's hilarious. I'd write more, but yesterday was one of those craby days and I'm worn out.

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