Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Birthday with the Fam

For Ava's 2nd birthday with my family, we went to Organ Stop Pizza, as suggested by my Dad. Good call, Dad, good call. Ava LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. A man plays this huge organ, whose pipes run through the whole building (the organ...not the man). Not only did Ava absolutely adore being a ham as she danced to the music, she loved these cat puppets that would 'perform' ever so often (then the curtain would lower over their stage). She was so distraught when the curtain went down. I told her when they went behind the curtain, they were taking a nap. She was ok with that. Every time after they would dance and the curtain went down, she would proclaim that they were taking a nap...she still is talking about it at least twice a day! When she talks about it, she looks up to the sky and dances her hands in the air like she immetating the cats. The organ player man played every style of music imaginable...but we came on the right now because tons of people had b-days (he plays requests through out the night) and not only did Ava get to hear him announce that it was her birthday and she was turning the ripe old age of 2, but she thought they were playing 'happy birthday' (which really does happen to be her favorite song) all night long (especially since we would sing it to her every time). She had so much fun (and so did her parents) between the music, dancing, puppets, pizza, balloons, light up bracelets, happy cake, and nana, papa, aunt Rachel, uncle Jay, Alyssa, Sarah, and Uncle Matt...not to forget her presents! She loved her presents! She got a McDonald's cash register food, head set etc. thanks to my sister's fam and a great gift card to Barn's and Noble's, which she already used. I can say without a doubt that the books and McDonald's set is about the only things she plays with all day every day. So good job, fam!!! Ava thanks you so much!!! And we have memories to last a life time!!!

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