Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Wide U Turn

I just thought this blog entry was simple yet so truthful, honest, and powerful and thought I'd share it....
It's from the blog Our Crazy Marriage

Joanne: More of a wide U-turn than a turning point

So a couple of people have asked me in the past day or so what the turning point was in our story. Of having the conversation to call it quits to moving back to some sort of a happy "normal" life.

And as I've thought about it and answered someone last night, I realize there was not really a turning point. It's not like one day we were headed for divorce and the next day we weren't. There wasn't really a defining moment when I thought, This is it. We're turning a corner and we're okay now.

It was really more of a wide U-turn. So slow and gradual that it took a year or so rather than a moment or a day to get turned around. So slow and gradual that we didn't even notice it was happening at first.

The truth is, it took a while to hit bottom. And we stayed there a while. And it took a while to climb back out. And we're still climbing.

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