Saturday, March 5, 2011

Come out of the Cave

The other day I read a question: "What was the date of the Civil War?" .....uh...uh.....[insert crickets chirping] Ok, ok, I admit I don't remember a lot from school. I figure I will get a 2nd and 3rd chance when my kids go to school. Right? I do remember literature more than dates as it turns out...though still kind of rusty. When I heard the song, The Cave by Mumford and Sons, I heard hints of the cave analogy by Aristotle...again, please don't critique my intelligence...but Aristotle asked if we are in a cave simply seeing shadows casted upon a wall of the real thing or maybe the object casting the shadows were just copies of the real things themselves. I think their is something intrinsic that knows we were created for more. Created to serve a Creator. Created for more that's intended in this world we see.In God's Kingdom in heaven there are things that we have only had a glimpse of. I've been hearing the words "Life Saving Gospel" swirling around in my head. "Life Saving!" True Life. Something more real than our own heart beat. It's pretty exciting really, until I think about how God commanded us to GO preach the gospel to the ends of the earth...then I get a little more timid. I don't even know where to begin honestly. Anyways, getting back to this song...I think its pretty amazing...especially the line about coming out of the cave Walking on Your Hands...the idea of God's Upside Down Kingdom...its opposite of what the world deems "logical"...and what we so often deem as logical. The last shall be first. We are meant to glorify God, not ourselves. We were meant to give, pour out ourselves, not gain. Dye to ourselves only to TRULY live. Become a Servant as Christ and then you will find Freedom. All sound like one big oxymoron, but couldn't be more truthful. I think that's pretty amazing. As for the American Civil War? 1861-1865. I heart Wikipedia.

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  1. awesome Leah! and as far as remember more than i sad mr. brittain would be ;)