Friday, August 19, 2011

All About Ava: then & now

Oct 2010

Fav Color: Orange
Dinosaur: pterodactyl
Movie: Toy Story
Animal: Zebra
Flower: Dandelion & Sunflower
TV show: Cat in the Hat
Sport: walking around to find Rainbows
fun things: buying shirt with skateboard @ Ross, Christmas (excited about Asa's airplane)
Place: swapmeet
Music: Uptown CD
Favorite brother: Asa
Song: ABC's (Asa's favorite too) and twinkle, twinkle
Food: macaroni
Dessert: little ice creams
drink: capri suns
book: ABC
Toy: Woody
Stuffed Animal: Dounut (cat)
School SUbject: shapes
Word: CAT
Bible character: God

Now Aug 2011

Fav color: Black
Dinosaur: pterodactyl
After Ava cut her and her brother's hair! (can't see full effect)
Movie: Wild Kratts
Shape: square and diamond
animal: zebra, giraffe, Tasmanian devil, cheetah
Flower: roses
TV show: Wild Kratts
Sport: Soccer
Fun things: run like cheetah, jump like kangaroo
place: church, Bob Evan, and park
Music: Cov kids' music
Brother: Asa
Song: Cha, cha, cha Fiesta from VBS
Food: macaroni and canned pears
Dessert: strawberry sunday
Drink: strawberry tea
Book: her books about animals and a book about cowboys
Toy: ?
Stuffed Animal: Big dog & Grrr
School subject: everything!
Favorite word: rockstar
Bible character: Jordan river : )
Bible Verse: Joshua 1:9 Be strong and courageous and do not be afraid...
Bible story: all of them, Wedding story (Jesus' first miracle, water into wine)

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