Sunday, February 22, 2009


Funny things Ava says...I know there are more...but here are some...

Ava: "That's Weird"

"Ava, you're a cutie"...Ava: "No me Not! Me Ava"....she thinks you're calling her one of those
little oranges called "cuties". "No me not" is a catch phrase of hers and can frequently be heard
around my brother-in-laws house when Ava isn't there and he doesn't want to do something.

Ava got a ball pit for Christmas...she calls it her "armpit"... I don't correct her, it's so darn cute.

computer: "puter"

treats for potty training: "poo poo prizes" and "pee pee jar" (that's fun to talk about in public...though now she gives me poo poo and pee pee prizes...I don't complain)

She thinks you eat candy canes (her favs) like carrots...crunch...she must hold some kind of
record of fastest candy cane eater in the west of something...

Uncle Jay and Aunt Rachel were putting Ava to bed, looking at one of her favorite books that
happens to be about the human body...including muscles and veins and idea why it's
her favorite. Uncle Jay asked Ava is she wanted to be a doctor when she grows up and Ava
excitedly said yes, "I fix Nana!"

"I be the shark, you be the dolphin," (deep voice) "I'm gonna get you..." don't know where she got that

"A is for Ava!"

Ava sometimes does school work (with my help) while my nieces do there school work. One day
Ava played geography bingo with the never can get an early enough start right. That
night the baby moniter was on after she went to bed...I heard her wisper, "bingo" and I
wondered if I heard right...then she screamed, "BINGO" yep, I did. I should take her to a
nursing home to play. She would love it.

Ava says to Mommy, "I have curly have (pause) that hair!"

Concentrating as she is looking at the baby (in my tummy)...."Mommy (pause) you have wrinkles" (referring to my stretch marks...that she made!) ...then "I want baby wrinkles" (looking at her tummy) ahhh...

Aunt Rachel had gas...Ava was walking behind her...Ava starts to gag and cough, "Aunt Rachel, are you going poo poo?" gag, cough some more...sorry, Rachel, just so darn funny!

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