Thursday, January 15, 2009

"the clarnet and the fute"

a while ago, Ava and I went to a band concert my nieces, Alyssa wasplaying in. Alyssa plays the clarinet and Sarah plays the flute, which Ava now loves can calls "clarnet" and "Fute". My wonderful, yet embarrasing sister relentlessly told Ava to yell things to the girls...especially when it was quiet so everyone could here...oh yeah, and she gave her a lollipop to make sure she was good and loud...ok, I did think it was cute and pretty funny...what a great influence Aunt crazy is! Oh, wait, and I forgot to mention that she brought along two presents for Ava...two flashing shirts! that would light up everytime she moved...Just in case she didn't get enough attention.
For Christmas, I bought her a recorder from the dollar store...I know, I'm crazy. She loves practicing now with Sarah and Alyssa. She takes practicing with each of them...taking it very seriously...

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