Thursday, November 29, 2012

What to do with this boy...

No, my son is not running around in the backyard in only his underwear and cape in the middle of November. Don't be silly. He doesn't have on his mask and cape right now.  I was looking through our pics over the last few months and found these. I can tell you that I have a few things to learn about boys. I really had no idea how different they are and how foreign the boy/man realm is to me. Trying to teach this boy the same way I taught my daughter at this age just doesn't fly...haha, unintentional pun, but I'll go with it.

I know you are thinking...great instagram pics, huh? you know the intentional out of focused pics with the oh so perfectly placed well-loved stroller in the back...oh no, my camera does that naturally! I'm just cool that way. 
 Anyways, I'm learning. I think. One week I felt like we made great progress in his counting ability...he usually wants to do schoolwork just like Ava. We start and then he remembers he has no interest. But this specific week he made great strides in counting and was showing off to daddy his mad skillz. Uh, then I confessed that I let him have a lot of candy that week, smarties to be exact. If he counted them, he could eat them...haha...ok, don't tell our dentist that. I'm still learning.                                                                            Oh how I wish I would write down what these kiddos say more often! For a while there Asa was asking me if we could go to Africa everyday to get "a real elephant pet" that he would name Cobin. Now he keeps asking for "a real hamster pet" that he would name something like fireman-ice-cream-dog or something...he knows to add the 'real' in there now...substitutes just are flying anymore with him. But after the incident at our friends house where he was spinning the hamster wheel with the hamster in it...faster than the hamster could run...that might now happen too soon...poor hamster. But his sweet pleas might just do me in. 

I just love children's art! Don't you love the little hat. You think my son gave me a Van Gogh when he makes me a picture! 

I haven't taken enough pictures or blogged nearly enough to remember everything I've wanted to this school year! Some days seem magical and some days seem like I just need a nap or a 5th cup of coffee.

I feel like I have grown in the art department myself. I always had the art supplies up where they weren't nearly as accessible but since we made an art desk (not pictured) in the living room and started notebooking for school, the kids have really enjoyed it more and I'm sure we will be thrilled to be able to look back on the year to see all they {we've} learned! I'm still trying to learn what to do with this crazy, snuggley, comedic boy, but its a pretty fun adventure. 

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