Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Cutest Flower Girl EVER!

So my beautiful sister married Jay Sibel (right), equally as beautiful...jk, that would be weird on July 19th at Joe's Farm Grill. Guess who was the flower girl...that's right! AVA! She was the cutest flower girl ever in her puffy dress. She had lots of fun and was an angel...well, a bit of a loud angel. It was 9:00 o'clock in the morning and her poor little head was really sweaty, but she strolled down the isle because we told her to "run to uncle Jay". She loves, loves, loves uncle Jay so this wasn't a problem, but she walked slowly because I think she loved all eyes on her. She held a cute little basket and some of the puddles fell out of it as she bobbled a long which was perfect. She also held a little wand that she likes to 'poof' people with...especially when they pretend to be 'poofed' into an animal and make animal sounds. She ran around a little during the wedding. One of my favorite parts was when she saw Rachel start to walk down the isle and yelled "YEA!". I think she found out why we kept having her and Rachel try on the dresses leading up to the wedding. She practically looked over Rachel and Jay's shoulders as they were taking communion because she was wondering what was going on. She also flicked her lips and made a loud "brrrr" sound during the vows. It was pretty cute though and my sister's a great sport, not to mention Ava's biggest fan. Ava's favorite parts were running to uncle Jay, eating Happy Cake!, and eating the organic grapes off the vines. I have some pictures that my sister in law Erin took as you see, which are super cute. I'll also put up the ones Matt took when they are developed and scanned. Maybe we will put some videos on here eventually. Click on any of the pictures to make them bigger!Isn't she the cutest!

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