Monday, July 28, 2008

Mamaw's visit and Dress Rehearsal

It's been crazy around our house, with Rachel, Alyssa, and Sarah, and Jay staying with us some because Jay's house is been sold in Tucson. Jill or Mamaw came to stay with us too. Ava couldn't be more happy to have a house full!!! Especially because it's people who adore her...well, who has the strength not too... We had a week of fun and ciaos, but Jill was a really, really good sport!!! Mamaw surprised Ava with a yellow wooden duck that's so cute and matches her room..the best part is she spotted it amongst other ducks and went right to it think it looked like Ava and it had a name tag that said, "My name is Ava" What are the chances!!! She loves it!!We went to Barns and Nobles. Adam was with Ava and she started going crazy over "Happy Cake" she saw in the coffee shop window. Adam told her that she should ask her Mamaw...thinking that she would forget about it...but she never forgets about 'Happy' cake. As soon as she saw I hear the story goes...she was saying

"happy cake, happy cake" and pulling Jill to the coffee shop. She very enthusiastically pointed at a chocote cupcake with yellow frosting and then held her hand pulling her over the drink section and pointed out the milk carton with a straw...she knew excatly what she wanted...this girl doesn't full around when it comes to happy cake. She was soooo excited. Once Mamaw trying breaking off a peice of the cupcake because seh was having a hard time eating because it was so big, but she was really upset about that until Mamaw put it back together using the frosting as molding...It was really funny. She really liked eating the leftovers too...she's a slow happy cake eater. Mamaw sure made her day with that happy cake!!!

At the dress rehearsal dinner we got to thoroughly embarrass Jay and Rachel by making them wear cute outfits that the girls picked out at the dollar store. My camera died, but we also made jay wear a coconut bra and Rachel had to wear this big heart shaped light as a necklace that said, my heart belongs to Jay as we went to Islands for drinks that night. It was pretty their expense...

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