Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh Happy Day

Even though Ava's B-Day isn't until September 2nd, she got to celebrate it early with Gianna, her cousin in Tucson, since Jill (Mamaw) won't be here. Adam, Ava and I stayed in Tucson Thursday night till Saturday night at a house that Jill was house sitting at. Our nephew, Brandon, also stayed with us and Adam had fun playing video games with him. Ava LOVED playing with Gigi, mostly playing at her play kitchen together. They were adorable! They were both excited for the Mickey birthday party...Ava was talking all about it before hand, especially about "numbers" on the cake. She adored her uncle Mike and loved playing with him. Her Aunt Erin made everything look so cute!!! Ava loved, loved her presents. She got a whole wardrobe from her Mamaw...super cute by the way. A Cinderella Birthday doll...so appropriate...who has a present that plays the happy birthday tune...Ava sings along. Super cute jammies, ballet slippers, a gift basket from her aunt Erin...and a bunch more!!!

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