Thursday, October 11, 2012

all in a days play

A few weeks ago we were blessed with a visit from Mawmaw & Pop for the weekend! We had a weekend of fun...well, Pop may say he had a weekend of work! He hung up several curtain rods, a coat rack, shelves, magnet board, chalk board...the list goes on. He got more done in one day than we would have in a year! Thanks, Pop!!! On Friday we all headed to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. We had never been there and had a blast. It would have been very easy to spend all day there, especially in the MakeShop area where they had sewing, book making, woodworking, circuitry, and animation. It really inspired me to start making our house more crafting know, actually take some stuff out of the attic so we can have craft supplies ready to use. Anyhow, here is our trip the the museum in pictures...I can't believe I didn't get more of Mawmaw & Pop
Paper making

screen printing

circuitry 101-Asa LOVED this
sewing hair bows
the kids weren't the only one's playing...the tour guy to the guys in suits in the back commented on his wonderful technique 
catching letters...this reminded Ava of the Electric Company

Going to the Children't Museum would be in a day in itself, right? uh, not on this day! We headed to lunch, then to Ikea, then the Sarris Ice Cream and candy shop...whew...crazy!
not a fan of the pictures
sharping his weapons..oh my

Fortunatly our ride was roomy! We rode in Mawmaw & Pop's RV, which the kids LOVED!
holding their breath in the tunnel
Asa LOVES his feather-down pillow...Ava doesn't want it touching her...ever
we had some was not appreciate by all

I would just like to add that we shared that Banana Split. What a fun and tiring day!!! I'm sure we will do it again...uh...just not all in one day, I'm sure! 

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