Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Easy Word Art

Wordle: Jesus
If you click on the link, it will take you to to create your own!

So its no surprise that I'm behind on the times, not in the loop with what's hip and happening...haha..I sound like a grandma already! Maybe other's know about but I had no idea how people made cool word collages except with Word somehow or to just order something on Etsy. While Ava and I were surfing the web for some printable binder covers (we are loving the journal notebooks for each subject this year), we came across where you can make many variations of word collages or whatever they are called. We made some cool ones with Ava and Asa's front and center. You simply enter a multitude of words. The more time you repeat a word the bigger it gets. Then push ok. You can then change the color scheme or customize the color scheme, make it vertical, horizontal, both, or 'everywhichway', etc. I wish I could show you Ava & Asa's.  I created this one in less than 5 minutes! Pretty cool.....thought I would just spread the word...
Here's one in the gallery I found that I liked!

Wordle: Southern Belle Simple - What We Love About Fall 

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